2025 Academy for Lab Safety Excellence

The 2025 virtual training series includes 8 webinars with lab safety education fit for beginners or long-time safety experts. Including guest speakers and the latest safety regulations, this series provides you with all you need to help you properly manage you lab safety program.

The program includes:

  • Eight 60-minute training sessions with more offered throughout the year!
  • Safety Mastermind Groups – interactive sessions with fellow lab safety professionals – the only such network available anywhere where clinical lab leaders solve safety issues- a customer favorite!
  • A book offer for Option 3 purchases: 52 Laboratory Safety Tips for Leaders!!
  • Access to the previous year’s Academy recordings with option 3. A $400 value!


  • Provide effective programs to educate staff on laboratory safety issues
  • Locate up-to-date safety information from a variety of expert sources
  • Prepare or modify policies and procedures to improve laboratory safety at your institution

Early-bird pricing ends December 1, 2024!

Click below to download the full registration form and view all program offerings.

101 Laboratory Safety Questions and Answers

101 Laboratory Safety Questions and Answers

Do you need a quick answer to a common lab safety question? This handy pocket guide of 100 different Lab Safety Questions and Answers is the reference book for you. Broken down in sections such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Chemical Management and Personal Protective Equipment, this guide provides you with answers and references for specific topics so that you can promptly resolve any lab safety issues you may have. The handy print version is a spiral-bound 5”x 7” book that can be carried in your lab coat, or a digital version may be purchased as well.

Print Version = $24.95
eBook = $14.95

Shipping Infectious and Biological Substances Training Program

This program is designed to provide you with the information you need to safely and legally ship infectious and biological substances. The materials in this package provide general awareness and function-specific information needed to ship infectious and biological specimens.   Furthermore, this program helps meet the biannual training requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT), the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP) requirements for certified training.

The on-line modules are easy to follow, interactive, and can be completed in segments. This education product is offered in association with Sean Kaufman and Safer Behaviors.

To purchase, click here.

52 Laboratory Safety Tips for Leaders

52 Laboratory Safety Tips for Leaders

Managing a lab safety program is a large undertaking, and ensuring you have a complete program in place is no easy task. This guide will help safety leaders to build a strong lab safety management plan one piece at a time. The handy print version is a spiral bound 5" x 7" book that can be carried in your pocket, or a digital version may be purchased as well.

The book is filled with 52 tips (plus some extras) - one to apply each week of the year. Tackle just one a week and you will be on your way to building a strong lab safety culture in one short year!


Site License

Any of the DVD's can be placed on a facility's intranet by purchasing a separate site license for each DVD. Each site license costs $300 per DVD and is good for three years.

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