One on-going source of laboratory safety training that Dan provides is the annual Academy for Lab Safety Excellence, a six-part virtual training course that provides that latest information you need to know to maintain lab safety compliance and readiness (see Product Page for more information).

If you are new to the role of lab safety, contact Dan about individual training options. He can provide you with personalized on-site training based on the needs of your particular laboratory.

Do you have lab staff that needs training on specific topics? Dan can provide that as well. PPE training, fire safety training, chemical hazard training, packaging and shipping, bloodborne pathogens, and EPA waste regulations- these are just some of the topics Dan can present to your staff to help you create a safety-savvy lab. Need training on a safety topic you don’t see here? Contact Dan for information about custom-built training courses.



Need a speaker for your upcoming program? Dan has provided several interactive and educational safety presentations throughout the United States and abroad. He can personalize a presentation to your organization’s needs on several lab safety topics. Some popular presentations that are available include:

  • Seven Secret Strategies to Put the F.U.N. Back in Your Laboratory Safety Program
  • Are You Using Your Safety Eyes?
  • Laboratory Waste Management From A to Z
  • Help! OSHA is in my Lab!
  • Creating a Successful Safety Culture in Your Laboratory

Several other presentations are available as well, or you may request a specific lab safety topic. Contact Dan to ask questions or to request a quote.

As a member of the National Speaker’s Association, Dan understands the importance of engaging the audience in a way to make sure the material given is not forgotten. His presentation ratings remain consistently high, and he will use those professional speaking techniques to make your event come alive.



If your lab safety culture is not where you need it to be, if you feel unready for your next accreditation inspection, or if your lab employee injuries and accidents are climbing, it may be time to contact Dan for some personalized coaching. One-on-one coaching sessions, on-site or remote, can be arranged.

Do you need help coaching for safety? Do you have a team that needs to learn how to receive coaching? Does your safety team need practice in handling specific safety scenarios? Don’t give up on your lab safety culture! As an experienced lab safety officer, Dan can provide individualized assistance with a variety of your safety issues. Not sure if your situation fits the bill? Call Dan for more information and resources.



Dan provides on-site laboratory safety consulting which can include a full safety audit, comprehensive safety training for you and your staff, and all the elements of a lab safety program including your own personalized lab safety manual. These services will enable your laboratory to prepare for your first safety regulatory audit, or they can help you be better prepared for your next! Whether you are complying with OSHA, CAP, the EPA or other regulatory bodies, Dan has the experience to help your lab meet all accreditation requirements. He can provide all services or any customized combination of services.

Are you opening a histology lab in a business plaza and have waste management concerns? Is your business shipping items to a reference lab and you need up-to-date packaging training? Do you have questions about proper disinfection of equipment before shipping or disposal? Dan can provide phone or on-site consulting services to ensure your business remains compliant with clinical or academic laboratory regulatory bodies.


Other Services

  • Education 
    Train-the-trainer programs designed to your specifications.
  • Consultation
    On-site or phone consultations on a variety of safety issues.
  • Facilitation
    An experienced facilitator for your focus groups.


Contact Dan to ask questions or to request a quote.